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Ryan at Work in Mumbai

Ryan has had an acupuncture license since 2002 and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbal) Practitioner license since 2003. He finished his studies at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson, BC at the top of his class, receiving his DTCM (Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine).

After several years of living in China, in addition to working in private practice, Ryan has also worked as a teacher and clinic supervisor at a local TCM college, and as an acupuncture detox specialist with Vancouver Coastal Health treating addiction and mental health disorders.

One of Ryan’s major influences for learning TCM and acupuncture was the idea of possibly taking the medicine to underdeveloped parts of the world and applying and/or teaching the medicine there. He has had the opportunity to do this on two occasions. In 2006 and 2010 he went to Guatemala and Mumbai, India respectively. Ryan hopes that he will have more chances to do this in the future.

Ryan uses a broad perspective when viewing the state of one’s health. He likes to observe how the various aspects of daily life such as diet, emotions, and the environment affect one’s spirit, body and energy. From the overall picture, a treatment plan can be formulated for each individual. The modalities of treatment may include any combination of acupuncture, massage, cupping, herbal formulas, dietary recommendations, vitamins/ supplements, or qi gong and exercise.

From trades people, and fitness instructors to office workers and athletes such as hockey goalies and soccer players, Ryan has provided treatment for pain to clients with a wide range of backgrounds. Overall, the results have been very good. He has also provided many treatments for dizziness and vertigo, allergies and their symptoms, and a wide variety of digestive disorders.

Ryan is proficient in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in addition to his native English. He immensely enjoys conversing with his patients and welcomes any questions or inquiries.